Patient Assistant Program (PAP)

Patient Assistance is a broad term that pharmaceutical companies use to encompass all their programs that patients can use to access their medications. These programs are designed so that patients who do not have the means to get the medication can get it directly through the manufacturer. These programs offer medications to approved patients at little or no cost to the patient.

We have a dedicated staff member, Judy Kramer, who will help our patients fill out their application and complete the PAP’s enrollment process. She also helps with the application renewal process.

If you have any questions about Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy’s Patient Assistance Program, please contact Judy by emailing or by calling (251) 432-4111 ext. 104.

Access Your Rx

When Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy is unable to get a generic medication because it is too expensive or there is not a generic form, we will utilize the patient assistance programs of pharmaceutical companies. A few types of medications for which we use this program are high priced insulins and inhalers for our patients who have chronic illnesses.

SenioRX Programs

The Area Agency on Aging SeniorRx Program is now housed at Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy.

  • SenioRx can help with the high cost of prescription drugs if you are disabled, 55 and up and have high co-payment.

Common Reasons to Apply to SenioRx

  • You have a chronic medical condition and have:
  • No insurance
  • High Co-payments
  • A formulary problem and medicine is not covered by insurance
  • Can’t afford medications during the “gap” or “donut hole” under Medicare Part D

Call (251) 432-4111 to see if you qualify.