Getting Medication At Ozanam

Before you begin receiving medication assistance at Ozanam, you will meet with a case worker and will need to have the following items with you:

  1. Driver’s License or Photo ID
  2. A current bill with address
  3. Prescriptions, print out or receipts for medications
  4. All information about the household income including all statements from all household members showing social security, disability, retirement benefits, or food stamp letter. Pay check stubs or tax return (1099s or W-2s are also accepted.)
  5. Any other document the patient thinks may be relevant to their financial situation.

If you are approved by the case worker, you will need to bring the packet of information you receive from them, and all documents listed above to the Pharmacy, along with your valid prescriptions. One of the Ozanam staff members or volunteers will review the paperwork for final approval in order to begin receiving your medications from our pharmacy. They will tell you know when you can pick up your medication.

Prescriptions not picked up within 10 days will be returned to stock as other clients may need that medication. We fill your prescriptions on a first-come basis. We cannot hold or reserve medications for you.

Most applicants are approved for a six-month period. In some extreme circumstances, approval may be given for only one month until you can bring in more extensive documentation. When your certification expires, you will need to bring all original financial information and be re-screened by your case worker. You should not wait until the day your certification is due to expire. No new written prescriptions are needed if refills are left on your pharmacy record. Home-bound clients may apply through a relative or designated caregiver. This person should bring a letter from you that gives permission to apply for and/or pick-up medications. Identification and Social Security numbers of your designated persons will be noted in your file and will be checked at the pharmacy window when medications are picked up.