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Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy serves as Alabama’s only licensed charitable pharmacy, which provides free prescription medications to uninsured individuals in Mobile, Baldwin, Escambia and Washington counties. As licensed 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, we focus primarily on maintenance medications for chronic illnesses – such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Each year more than 1233 patients rely on Ozanam’s services, which prevent individuals in need from having to make the difficult choice of feeding their families or managing their illnesses. We’re eternally grateful to “The Oz Squad” network of supporters dedicated board members, a host of volunteers, dynamic pharmacy students, donors and community partners, that have kept our doors open and our mission moving forward! It truly takes a village to dispense one pill! For 24 years, Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy has kept its doors open in service to those most in need throughout south Alabama… and there are many more who will need our safety net during this ongoing season of global pandemic. We welcome you to become part of The Oz Squad. Volunteer. Donate. Advocate. Text “GIVE” to 241-244-2974 or click the donation button on this page to donate. For more information, call us at 251-432-4111.

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Make a valuable investment in a healthier community. Support Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy’s mission of providing life-sustaining prescription medications to uninsured individuals throughout south Alabama. It’s easy… just click the “Donate” button below: