About Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy

Our Mission

In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy served 1704 patients and provided over 33,100 prescriptions totaling over 2.9 million dollars in retail value.

We rely on financial support from grants, foundations, corporations, partnerships with United Way and Catholic Charities, fundraising efforts and individuals to purchase over $116,000 in generic medications and supplies annually.   Partners  such as Direct Relief, Americares and Dispensary of Hope help stock our shelves with the medication needed for those who qualify to receive prescription assistance.

Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy’s Impact In FY 2018-2019

  • $2.9 Million: Retail value of prescriptions dispensed.
  • 33,000 Prescriptions filled.
  • 1704 Patients that received medications.
  • 70 Case workers trained to certify patients to use Ozanam.
  • Pharmacy technicians volunteering at Ozanam.
  • Pharmacy students in 4th year instructed at Ozanam.
  • 4 Pharmacists volunteering at Ozanam.
  • 1 Stand-alone charitable pharmacy in Alabama (Ozanam)
  • $0 Paid by patients for medicine at Ozanam.