12314626_1084974548220365_5067890774956620889_oOzanam Charitable Pharmacy is a nonprofit pharmacy that provides life-sustaining medication to persons with severely limited income and resources. All of Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy’s services are free to qualified patients.

In the 2014 – 2015 fiscal year, Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy served 1580 individual patients, provided over 30,000 prescriptions which totaled over $1.9 million. We rely on financial donation from grants, foundations, local contracts, corporations, partnerships with United Way and Catholic Charities, fundraising efforts and individuals to purchase generics over $100,000 in generic medication. We also rely on local physicians to donate in-date sample medications and our partners from Direct Relief and Americares to help stock our shelves with medication for qualified individuals who lack access to prescription medication.